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This is a list of who is who in regards to gerrit / jira / irc nicknames or accounts.

JIRA Name IRC Name Gerrit Name Maintainer for Components Comments AKAs
Andrew Jiang Jiangyi Andrew Jiang i9100g
Guillaume Lesniak xplodwild Guillaume Lesniak i9300, n7000, n1, find5, r819, hammerhead, flo General lead
Andrew Dodd Entropy512 Andrew Dodd (add as entropy512 to review) Secondary/assistant maintainer on n7000, i777, n1, find5, yuga, pollux_windy, falcon General core/hardware support review
Humberto Borba humberos Humberto Borba galaxysbmtd, p1, p1ln Working on * HumberOS
Ibrahim Awwal IbrahimA Ibrahim Awwal n801x iofthestorm (xda)
Lalit Maganti tilal6991 Lalit Maganti mint
Shane Joseph stimpz0r Shane Joseph p1c stimpz0r(XDA)
Steven Haigh CRCinAU N/A N/A N/A JIRA triage
Utkarsh Gupta UtkarshGupta Utkarsh Gupta N7100, N7105, I317, T889
vladimir imvladimir Designer
Yannick Binnenweg B1nny Yannick Binnenweg Honami Working on Honami
N/A Android-Andi Andreas B. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Family (trying my best, new with mainataining etc.)
haus Haus_ haus htc Evo 4G LTE (jewel) Jon, xHausx
slickrick slick_rick slickrick i605, l900, t0lte Ricky
Andre Sookram hav0k87 Andre Sookram flo, deb dre1187(XDA)
Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran karthik050782 Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran i9103
Menno van Grinsven scanno Menno van Grinsven manta, me301t, tf300t