Porting Omni To Your Device

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Omni is designed to use a basic AOSP device tree, with a few small modifications. This page will detail the necessary changes.

Firstly, Fork a already working device repo. Then you have to delete their makefiles and stuff like cm.mk & cm.dependencies.

Tip #1 - Never blindly edit anything that says full. If you do so, chances are your device won't boot.

First you need to add a new make file for omni. See the one below


Then you to add the makefile into androidproducts.mk . See example below.


Then you have to create a new file named vendorsetup.sh in the device repo (see the above commit) In the file enter

  add_lunch_combo omni_device-userdebug

Then you have to add a json file named omni.dependencies to pull all necessary repos to build. See example below


Tip #2 - JSON files can be really annoying. Go to http://jsonlint.com/ . Paste in your json file and let it check for errors.

Then you have to TWRP-ify your device tree.

That's it. If you did everything correctly, then you should have a working build.