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Since you're here, it seems you're interested in getting involved more with Omni. We're pleased to see you, and we'd like to welcome you to Omni. If you're looking for something to get involved with, here's a few suggestions for things which Omni doesn't have yet. We say "yet", as you're welcome to make the patch and contribute it to gerrit.

Suggested Features to Work on

  • Slide controls on lockscreen available before secure lockscreen
  • More (optional) QuickSettings tiles
  • More launcher customisations and settings
  • Shortcuts functionality in Recent Apps panel

Features already finished

  • Selectable screen rotation settings
Settings -> (Device) Display -> Rotation
  • Setting to toggle "right hand" pulldown of notification opening settings panel
Settings -> (Interface) Bars -> Quick pulldown 
  • Disable "Unsafe Volume Level"-Warning
Settings -> (Device) Sound -> Volume warning (checkbox)

Next Steps