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Submitting a patch

The contents of your patch

You should make sure you use different repo branches for your patch, to ensure you don’t have an unneeded dependency on another patch. Use repo start for every new changeset you make, and repo checkout to switch between your changes. For more on repo and git see Using repo and git

Your code should contain only the required changes to make your feature work. You should remove all unneeded comments (debug, commented code) and code (unneeded debug Log commands, etc).

Make sure your code style sticks to the Android Guidelines, and that you don’t have trailing spaces (spaces at the end of a line).


Commits that are work-in-progress may bypass the above paragraph, but must be clearly marked with a [WIP] tag at the very beginning of the commit message. This way, they won’t be auto-tested by our verification bot, and testers will know your patch isn’t ready for prime time yet.

Formatting your commit message

The first line of your commit message should be a swift summary of your change, that should make your patch recognizable easily on Gerrit’s patch list.