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When you receive an error in Gerrit, check these Top 5 causes:

Top 5 Causes for Gerrit Errors

  1. Have you set a username within Gerrit? Log into the Gerrit [1] interface, and select your name at the top right. Click Settings, and ensure a username is set correctly there.
  2. Have you configured your local repo client to use the correct Gerrit username? Check out the wiki troubleshooting instructions [2].
  3. Are you contributing from a secured business connection? Some businesses employ SSL sniffing, and will block connections to unknown HTTPS websites, for information security purposes. This mainly affects military and defense company networks. We are looking into possible solutions such as permitting HTTP access for such users (without SSL), but for now it is not possible to upload contributions without SSL access. This is for your own security.
  4. Have you accepted the CLA? In the recent downtime, we enabled the Omni Contributor License Agreement. In order to accept the CLA, you should log into the web interface of Gerrit, select your name at the top right, select Settings, and then choose Agreements. You can also access it directly by browsing to the submission page [3].
  5. If you are receiving errors about Change IDs, you should ensure that the Change ID line is the last line of the git commit that does not begin with a comment symbol (#). To make this process easier, you can also install the git hook, which will automatically add a commit ID onto each commit. The instructions for this are given during the error message when the commit fails for this reason.

If you are still having issues after following the above, maybe now is a good time to drop into our IRC channel [4]?