Device Blockers

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Review items blocking device bringup

This page is intended to allow separating "nice to have" patches from "required to get a device working" patches on Gerrit.

This allows review to be prioritized for device support patches

Motorola falcon (Moto G) family

Mainly dumping stuff here for my own personal bookmarking... - 5390 can't overwrite ro prop values, so they can't be set in the first place

Find 7a


  • Storage - fixed by
  • Display
  • Radio
  • LTE
  • Wifi
  • NFC
  • Brightness
  • LED
    • Notification and Battery
  • EasyCover (lid sleep / wake)
  • BlueTooth
    • A2DP Works
    • Calling (making and receiving)
  • Camera
    • HDR and all :)

Needs further testing

  • Autobrightness
    • seems to be just fine for me? (jake)
  • GPS
    • works for me (jake)

Kind of working

  • button brightness
    • when slider moved to 255 (max) buttons light to max brightness, but fall back to dimmer value when slider released (although value still reports as 255/max)
  • Sound - Partial fix in progress (audio semi-works but routing is wrong) -

Not Working

  • OmniTorch
    • totally busted