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Review items blocking device bringup

This page is intended to allow separating "nice to have" patches from "required to get a device working" patches on Gerrit.

This allows review to be prioritized for device support patches

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) - jf family =

Jake Whatley, Alexander Martinz and others to put items (links to Gerrit) here with explanations of what issue the patch(es) fix

LG G2 family

Jake Whatley and (??? - person from github, I'll fill this in later as it's hungry and I need food soon) to put items here

Currently looking into the following for G2:

  • Device lock-ups/freezes when it attempts to create any sound.
    • still need to test reverting these reverts and building with Entropy512's qcom/caf branches
      • can't change media volume. calls are fine. using caf branches and reverting the reverts may fix this.
  • Camera2 & Gallery2 don't build

Motorola falcon (Moto G) family

Mainly dumping stuff here for my own personal bookmarking... - 5390 can't overwrite ro prop values, so they can't be set in the first place

Find 7a


  • Display
  • Radio (Mobile) - calls don't work, obviously, probably due to audio fails
  • LTE
  • Wifi
  • NFC
  • Brightness
  • LED
    • Notification and Battery
      • currently restricted to ONLY blue, not sure if it only supports blue, or if we need kernel tweaks, or sysfs paths updated for the rgb_blue, green, red paths
  • EasyCover turns screen on AND off; stock only turns it on :)

Needs further testing

  • BlueTooth
    • connected to Macbook Pro, initiated transfer FROM computer TO device, transfer was accepted and started but failed due to no storage

Not Working

  • Sound
  • GPS
  • Camera is not being built, Gallery is
  • Storage (all of it)
  • Autobrightness
  • OmniTorch needs sysfs path ( just a permissions thing now? )