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This is the home of all upcoming and recent changes to the Omni repositories.

February 2014

Android 4.4:

  • 02 February

We switched media-caf and display-caf to new branches based on Qualcomm's CAF kk_2.7 branches. These were tested on most devices (Sony, Oppo, HTC m7) but some devices might have issues that weren't noticed. Keep an eye out. (The Samsung jf family was not tested due to inability to reach any of its maintainers. Hopefully the jf family works)

audio-caf is the next planned branch switch - this still has issues on some devices that require work (call audio on Oppo N1 for example), however it is requested that all maintainers begin testing the qcom-4.4_2.7 branch of audio-caf and working on resolving any issues with that branch.

January 2014

Android 4.4:

  • 19 January

In light of this change, it is no longer necessary for torch devices to be set world writable. This change will make OmniTorch use the shared System UID, thus allowing your torch sysfs entry to be owned by system:camera, and chmodded to 660. Please test this and adjust permissions of the sysfs nodes in your device initramfs files as appropriate, in order to eliminiate as much world-writable content as possible on the device.

December 2013

Android 4.4:

  • 29 December

This developer notification is directed to the maintainers of all Qcom devices using caf branches. It is proposed that this patch will be merged into media-caf, thus bringing omni's media-caf in line with upstream caf's source.

In order for this change to be merged, all relevant devices (ie. QCom devices using code-aurora-forum branches) are requested to adopt a patch similar to this one in their kernel, which will make it compatible with the caf change.

Comments and review may, as always, be posted in the appropriate Gerrit code review discussion. Device maintainers are requested to comment or +1 the change to indicate their device(s) are ready, or comment to indicate their status. We propose to merge this change in mid-January, or earlier depending upon the status of affected devices.

November 2013

Android 4.4:

  • Work on Android 4.4 KitKat begins [1]

Android 4.3:

  • [2] is merged - this breaks any device which does not include TWRP flags in the device repositories but allows recoveries to now be built with userdebug