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Closure reasons

Q: My bug report was closed, but I don't know why!?! What is wrong with you!?!

A: We close bugs mostly based on the following reasons.

Duplicate - Your bug report mostly contains duplicate information already reported. Please continue your report or add to the existing JIRA case.
Incomplete - You didn't include enough information for the bug report to be useful. At a bare minimum, you need to include the device you are using, the nightly version that the problem occurs (or when you first noticed it), a complete logcat from your device and a clear description of what the problem is. Other reasons for being closed as an incomplete report is that the problem isn't really to do with OmniROM - this can include issues with third party applications.
Wont Fix - Your bug report describes behaviour as designed, something that is working correctly, or an issue that cannot be fixed.
Fixed - Your issue has been fixed in a newer version of OmniROM.
Cannot Reproduce - Nobody could reproduce your problem on the same or similar hardware.
RTFM - No problem exists, and this is probably documented - either on the OmniROM web site or easily located by a Google Search.