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This is being replaced by a new Document repo at

Using Repo and basic Git commands

Please have a look at Google's official guide:

Basic Git commands

Need help with git? Don't forget about the man and help pages.

   git help
   git <command> --help
   man git

Clone a remote git repo into a local git directory.

   git clone --Clone a repository into a new directory.
   git clone
  • The following commands will be ran from within the cloned repo's directory.

Pulls all the changes from upstream.

   git pull --Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch.

Returns some basic info

   git status --Show the working tree status.

Returns current branch

   git branch --List, create, or delete branches.

Switches branch that is currently being tracked.

   git checkout --Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree.
   git checkout <branch>
   git checkout android-5.0

This is a very powerful tool, everyone should get familiar using it.

   gitk --The Git repository browser.


I'm getting "Permission denied" when trying to 'repo upload' a change

Make sure you have an username set on your gerrit account at

Then, make sure it is set properly in your git config by running the following command:

   git config --global <your username here>

Another thing to check is that you have added your SSH public key to Gerrit