Setting up Jenkins for building nightlies

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Setting up the job

To use Jenkins to build regular nightlies for multiple devices, follow this quick steps:

  • Prepare your Android source tree
  • Create a new job, as a multi-configuration project
  • In Advanced Project Options, check "Custom workspace", and point both the Directory and Directory for sub-builds to the root of your Android tree
  • Add a new user-defined axis to the matrix, and call it 'device'. In values, you must put each device you want to build, separated by spaces (e.g. 'mako manta flo deb').
  • Check 'Run each configuration sequentially'
  • Add a new 'Execute shell' build step, in order to run a short build script. In Omni's case we have a script at the root of our workspace, thus we put './ $device', where $device will be replaced by each device for each build.
  • Save the job, you're all set.

Create then your build script. Here's Omni build script:


export USE_CCACHE=1
export CCACHE_DIR=/home/build/.ccache


cd /home/build/omni
. build/
repo sync -j48
rm -rf out/target
brunch $DEVICE

Adding a device to a nightly job

Just add the device code into the 'device' axis in the job settings.