Samsung Galaxy S II

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This guide will help you compile omnirom for Galaxy S II variant

Setup Environment

First you have to follow this guide -

Add Device Repos to Local Manifest

After you are through it. You have to add the required device repo to manifest. You can skip this step as brunch command can do it for you but I recommend doing it yourself. Copy paste the line into local manifest according to requirement.

  <project name="android_device_samsung_i9100" path="device/samsung/i9100" remote="omnirom" revision="android-4.4" />
  <project name="android_device_samsung_galaxys2-common" path="device/samsung/galaxys2-common" remote="omnirom" revision="android-4.4" />
  <project name="android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412" path="kernel/samsung/smdk4412" remote="omnirom" revision="android-4.4" />
  <project name="android_hardware_samsung" path="hardware/samsung" remote="omnirom" revision="android-4.4" />

After you have added these repos to the manifest, you will need to repo sync again.

Getting proprietary vendor blobs

Now in terminal, cd into device repo, for eg. ~/device/samsung/i9100

Then connect your phone and make sure usb debugging is enabled.

Type in terminal -


Building The ROM

After you have synced, open a fresh terminal. Then type in

  . build/

After that type in

  brunch <device>

for eg. brunch i9100

if you get any error like product spec not found, then go back to step 2

Then it should start building.

Build finished successfully!

Congratulations! You have now built Omnirom for your Galaxy S II. The zip file will be ~/android/omni/out/target/product/i9100/omni-4.4-<date> You can flash this like any other ROM.