Oppo Find 5

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Automatic method

Support in OmniInstaller: Yes, Your device will be supported in OmniInstaller once it is released.

Manual method

Installing the Recovery

On a rooted Find 5

Installing the recovery is easier on a working rooted device, using GooManager.

On a non-rooted Find 5

In case you don't have a way to root your Find 5, here is the manual method:

  • Download fastboot
  • Download latest TWRP recovery
  • Shutdown and unplug your Find 5 from USB
  • Hold the Volume Up button and, while keeping the Volume Up button held, press the Power Button. If you succeeded, your Find 5 should show "fastboot..."
  • Plug the USB cable, and start Fastboot (from the kit you've installed previously)
  • Type in the following command: fastboot flash recovery then drag and drop the recovery.img file you downloaded previously into the console window.
  • Press the Return key. Recovery should download, and you should see 'OKAY'

Modem firmware

Make sure your device uses 4.2 modem firmware available from Oppo. If you are running latest ColorOS version you are good to go. If you are an experienced user you can flash the modem firmware only in TWRP but we dont recommend it. See here for more information on that

Flashing the ROM

  • Unplug your Find 5, and turn it off
  • Press the Volume Down button, and while keeping the Volume Down button held, press the Power Button. Once the 'Oppo' logo appears, release the Power button, but keep the Volume Down pressed. You should land into TWRP.
  • If you want, you can do a Backup right now using the "Backup" button. If you want to restore your system to the status it is currently, you can do the same manipulation and hit Restore.
  • In TWRP, press the 'Install' button then navigate to the build ZIP you've downloaded previously from http://dl.omnirom.org/find5
  • Once the installation is done, press the Home button in the corner of the screen, press 'Wipe' and confirm it. This operation will clear all your apps data, not your SDcard data (pictures, music, etc) - It is required to make Omni work on the first boot
  • Once that operation is done, press the Home button again, then press Reboot and System

Google Apps package

You can flash Google Apps package the same way you flashed OmniROM.