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Automatic method

Support in OmniInstaller: Unknown

Manual method

Installing the Recovery

  • Then, install a recovery. TWRP is recommended (but the CWM recovery probably works fine). A tutorial can be found here: [Install TWRP on Nexus 10] If you're not rooted, you'll have to use the Recovery Image Method.

At least CWM version or TWRP version 2.6.1 is required.

Flashing the ROM

Now your phone should be ready to flash Omni.

  • First of all, download the most recent [Nexus 10 (manta) build.]
  • Optionally download latest 4.4 compatible [Banks GApps.] (Highly recommended!)
  • Optionally download [SuperSU for root.]
  • Copy the downloaded firmware and files to your tablet, also remember to copy any backups from the tablet if required and unplug the USB cable once done.
  • Power off your phone and then boot into recovery by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down and Power until you get to the bootloader. Use the volume buttons to select Recovery (it will change the words in the box on the left-hand side of the bootloader), then press the power button to boot into the recovery.
  • Do a factory reset (wipe data + cache + dalvik cache).
  • In recovery, install Omni ZIP followed (optionally) by GApps and SuperSU.
  • Reboot to system.

Known Issues / Limitations

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