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The following are the directions for building Omni for the Google Nexus 4 (mako)

Set up build environment

First, follow the steps to set up your general Android build environment.

Getting mako-specific files

. build/
breakfast mako

This will download automatically the files required to build for the Nexus 4.

Mako proprietary blobs

Cyanogenmod Blobs

For mako's specific proprietary blobs/drivers, if you're running CyanogenMod on your Nexus 4, see their wiki on the procedure for extracting those to your sources tree.

Stock Blobs

If you're running "vanilla" android, you can get those form official google's website: unzip each of the files into the same directory and run the extract-*.sh files. When this is finished you will have a vendor directory with all the necessary proprietary files. Copy this to your build directory and update with the following commands.

 cp -R vendor ~/android/omni
 # fix the makefile name - not sure why omni expects the file to be
 cd ~/android/omni/vendor/lge/mako

Building without those binaries won't fail, but the build itself will be broken.

Build Omni

cd ~/android/omni;

First do a repo sync to ensure you have the latest version of Omni's sources. Two options, either

repo sync -j4

sync without any problem (timeout), either you'll need to use only one download thread.

repo sync -j1

Then simply prepare the build

. build/ 

Only to use after initial build has been complete

export USE_CCACHE=1

Then simply launch the build

brunch mako

Installable File

Installable Zip file will be located in:


Flash this file with TWRP or other recovery.