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The following are the directions for building Omni for the Oppo Find 7 smartphone series (X900X, X907X)

Build Environment Setup

First, follow the steps to set up your general Android build environment. Then create a new file named opporepos.xml in your .repo/local_manifests subfolder inside your Android build environment (create the subfolder if it doesn't exist) containing the following information.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="DonkeyCoyote/proprietary_vendor_oppo" path="vendor/oppo" remote="github" revision="android-4.4" />

This is required as the device tree itself doesn't contain vendor proprietary files, not doing this will result in unbootable update images.

Getting the Device Tree

. build/
breakfast find7

This will download the device tree for the Find 7 smartphone series, which you will need before building the ROM.

Building Omni

cd ~/android/omni;

First do a repo sync to ensure you have the latest version of Omni's sources. Two options, either

repo sync -j4

sync without any problem (timeout), either you'll need to use only one download thread.

repo sync -j1

Then simply prepare the build

. build/ 

Only to use after initial build has been complete

export USE_CCACHE=1

Then simply launch the build

brunch find7

Installable File

Installable Zip file will be located in:


Flash this file with TWRP or other recovery.